Trusted name in skin cancer

We are committed to saving lives through early detection of skin cancers. Our team of dedicated skin cancer physicians are highly qualified in assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Our physicians have the ability to systematically track changes in your skin and detect pre-cancerous and cancerous moles and skin lesions and treat them before it’s too late – giving you peace of mind. We are proud of our strong track record in protecting and saving the lives of our patients, with thousands of skin procedures and operations conducted each year.


What to Expect

The goal of your Molescan appointment is to screen your skin for any suspicious lesions. Enabling your doctor to get a complete overview of your skin’s condition is very important. Be assured we treat your privacy with the upmost professionalism and will do everything we can to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the examination. If you have any lesions you are particularly concerned with, we ask that you point them out to us, no matter where they might be.

Our Clinics